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315/30r19 square on 19x11 EC-7? (Base GT)

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..........great run Ghorse and Tim Aro is talented so I am going to have to express that you have to be also!! I am pretty excited about the Falkens, since the Retail Sales Mgr. for them was pushing for something like this for awhile and it does not hurt that he is also an Autocrosser ( and he trophied at the Solo Nationals in the Past )!

Solid run and for those in the know , second in Pax is extremely solid!
Thanks! Aro is fun to watch. Makes it all look so easy.
Chris, nothing is ever too late if it can add important info to the forum and members...................
It helped this guy out! I was looking for a set of 305/30R19 Falken RT660s but those are apparently on backorder everywhere right now. I was worried about 315s fitting, and still kind of am, but this made me feel better about pulling the trigger.

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Keep in mind that the SCCA Solo Nationals start this coming weekend ( Pro Solo Championship ) and run through next week. Then top that off with the NASA National Championship and then the SCCA Road Racing Championship and that is part of the reason so many fast tires are hard to get or near impossible. Things usually ease up after all of these Championships, but it is often why there are many folks who try to pick up their track tires in the Winter -- after Championship events and prior to the Spring Racing Season begins. I will be at the Solo Nationals next week and I will try and get some info on the Falkens because as noted the Retail Sales Mgr for them will be there racing himself.

Also, who knows, there are supposed to be more people who have switched back to the new RE71RS, though it is a nightmare to mount and the jury is out if they are actually faster than the prior model. We all know the A052 Yoko Ono is fast, but she wears on you fast ( double meaning meant, ha ). It will be interesting to see if anyone is using the BFG Rival S 1.5 , as only 3 years back that was the tire many Pony car drivers were using and it is a solid tire for track use also.

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