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Alignment Recomendation

Hi, need some advice on an alignment for my car with a set of camber plates. I drive the car 4-5000 miles a year during the summer, 4-5 autocross events, and 3-4 HDPE events during the summer. Car will have 1.5 inch drop on a set of RE-11's. What do you recommend for camber, caster, and toe?
I ran -2.0 on my Boss with similar total miles a year and didn't have excessive wear on the front tires from the street.

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That, plus run 0º Toe and max caster.

If you find you have too much inner shoulder wear on the street, run less camber like -1.5º to -1.7º and run full in at the track/autoX. Just make sure you mark your street settings if you go back n forth.
2012Boss302 said:
I see the spec for Boss camber is -0.95 +/- 0.75. Will the Maximum Motorsport Camber plate let me run say, -0.5 on the street and -2.0 for the track? Is there any benefit to going beyond -2.0 ?

My MM CC plates allow me to set -2.9* camber maximum (minimum?) on both sides, not sure what the most positive setting is as I just leave it there all the time.

I run: -2.9* camber with 1/8" (about 0.3*) total toe out for both street and track because I'm too lazy to change it back and forth. Haven't noticed wear on the street, but I mostly only drive it to the track and I do enough track days where the track wear dominates the street wear significantly.


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I ran 1.4 both sides at our local track, tight course. I smoked the left front in one day. I adjusted to 2.4 both sides and have 8 track days on replacement running at Blackhawk, VIR and Road America.

Temps across the fronts were within 3 degrees on Wednesday. Sounds like I found the right camber setting.

Camber definitely helped.


I've run -2.4 since I installed MMC plates. At the track, temps across the face are good.
Daily driving wore out the inner edges at 16,000 miles (which included flipping them on the wheel at about 12,000 miles).
Don't like cording street tires at 16k, but I do want even tire face temps at the track--which tells us we're getting the best grip out of the tire, and also best wear since an edge isn't shot before the entire face is.

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