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S197 Brake rotors

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Under 3 Years
Nova Scotia Canada
Grabbed myself a set of s550 4 pot front callipers recently and am wondering what the best route for rotors is within a low ish budget. I know to never skimp out on pads but Im not to sure if that goes for rotors as well.

I know I need the rotors from a 2007-2012 gt500, im more asking about weather to go slotted, driller and slotted or blank. curious on if any particular brand rotor will be better then other. If I hop on rock auto and order a rotor from them will that be okay or completely insufficient.

Im not overly fast on track as this is only my second season doing lapping. The first season also wasn’t in this car (thanks @Cornerz). So I’m kind of taking this as my first real lapping season
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5-10 Years
Lenoir City TN
Okay awesome. I’ve seen some stuff by Raybestos are they any good?
I don't know, I have not run Raybestos rotors. I have run Girodisc, DBA 4 and 5000 series, Ford OEM and Centric. Ford OEM and Centric are the least expensive and held up fine for me.

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