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EBC Brakes Giveaway - Jan 2022

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EBC Brakes

Supporting Vendor
Here's to a new year, lets hope 2022 leaves 2021 in its smoke! To start the year off we at EBC Brakes would like to give you car enthusiasts the chance of winning one free set of pads (front or rear) for any vehicle of your choice. One randomly selected forum member can choose any pad from our entire range.

To enter for your chance to win, I would like you to share with us what you believe has been the number one mod/upgrade you have made to your vehicle that everyone should do?

The lucky winner will be randomly selected and announced within a few days after the closing date of 1st February 2022 and details will be posted on this forum within a few days of the closing date.

Please be aware that this thread may appear in more than one section on the forum and one winner will be selected from the whole forum, not a winner per thread.
Pad choice will be based on availability and where a chosen pad is unavailable, an alternative will be offered.

If you are not the lucky winner, EBC Brakes are pleased to be able to offer a 10% discount off their braking products to all members of the forum community using code FORUM10USER
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Any questions or application issues please let us know.


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Ancient Racer
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W2W Racing
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20+ Years
5 miles from Mosport
Race Louvers hood vent.
Can't think of any one thing that made as much of an impact as that did. Solved overheating problems, which was a real hassle as well as likely to cause engine damage, and increased front downforce to boot. Picked up a little over a second a lap with that one change. Definitely most bang for the buck of anything I did.
I have to say riding with my friend for quite a few weekends and many sessions at my home track was absolutely priceless for learning. It's what got me hooked and eventually get in to the hobby. Then, diligence and more diligence on what to do and not what to do before I did any upgrades then any track time with an instructor. I see many things working together but the big brake upgrade and fluid from stock would be my top physical upgrade for safety and performance.
Hands down-wheels & tires.
All the performance mods, chassis tweaks, and anything else imaginable that we do to our cars hinge on one thing: how we get that power (or resistance!) to the ground. There is nothing more important mechanically than the grip and control afforded to you by a better wheel and tire setup. It makes or breaks a car. Full custom, 3-piece wheels with properly fitted rubber is the most important mod any of us can make… and they really showcase a good brake setup as well.
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5-10 Years
Lenoir City TN
I think that most will agree brakes and tires are the most important first mods and I agree, but they are not my favorite mod. My favorite has to be the Cobra Imola GT seats and Schroth Flexi 6 point harnesses. Until I installed them I spent way too much energy trying to stay in the smooth leather seats. I didn't realize how much I needed them until I got them. I am not nearly as sore and tired at the end of a track day since I installed them. I know a containment seat with a halo would be safer, but it is still a dual use car and you have to make some sacrifices.
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Under 3 Years
not much of a car upgrade but driver vehicle knowledge upgrade. I didn’t grow up around the “car life” and my friends didn’t either. Ever since buying the car 4 years ago I’ve learned so much from other on this site. Ever since I got into tracking the car, I have learned a lot about aerodynamics, electronics, suspension, etc. The knowledge has taught me how to change my inputs to get the output I desire, the things we think are upgrades are actually sacrificing performance and much more. If a driver understands how their vehicle works, it’ll only improve their performance. I have watched many hours of YouTube videos and reading threads on here. I probably will never truly understand certain things but I look forward to learning as much as I can.
Exp. Type
W2W Racing
Exp. Level
3-5 Years
The number one upgrade any track vehicle should do is the Tires/wheels. Really two but they really go together. Lighter wheel makes the car accelerate quicker. Stickier tires just help inspire confidence when on the track.
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Under 3 Years
Nashville TN
Seat time, wheels and tires, and safety gear are all great suggestions. I'll go with something simple and brake-related - Caliperfexion studs. Having these on the GT350 turns front brake pad swaps from a real pain to something nearly as simple as rear pad swaps. I now swap pads before and after every track event so I can run track-appropriate pads when necessary and street-friendly pads the rest of the time.

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