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How good are my skills at detailing we are going to find out (horrible shape GT)

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Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
darreng505 said:
Amazing work....It's like a new paint job.
thanks I hope the owner is happy with it. so far from the pics all I got back from him was.....looks better....really thats all you got? looks better.
Nice job!
Sap is a b**ch. Had fun getting a load from a fresh cut tree limb off my son's brand new BLACK camaro SS (yeah, he jumped ship and traded his Mustang GT for an SS).


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
well another evening spent green and orange pass on the pass and rear. still have to go over it once again with green and orange as the swirls on that side are just stubborn. My give a f' is all about gone with the car. I have duty tomorrow so maybe by wed afternoon when I am back home my passion will come back. I am just sore head to toe working on it right now and I just been rushing today so I stopped figured I was just wasting time and product.

Now I am debating finish it with the zaino treatment or two coats of glaze and two very light coats of wax? Maybe split the car down the center and do one side with zaino and the other with wax?....nah need to pick one. I think the zaino will win out as this guy knows nothing about how to maintain a car and the zaino will hold up better I think.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
DigiCowboy said:
Nice job!
Sap is a b**ch. Had fun getting a load from a fresh cut tree limb off my son's brand new BLACK camaro SS (yeah, he jumped ship and traded his Mustang GT for an SS).
whats bad is their three Jeeps, two black one silver, and white C6 vette are covered in it too. all those cars look horrible the jeeps are brand new and already have fading plastic and the vette looks very dull white. when I pull in with my white boss it puts that thing to shame. I have offered to do the vette too but get this the owner thinks wax is bad for paint....she also thinks sunscreen causes cancer....lost cause that one.

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
"Looks better"? :eek: Some peeps...

I've owned 2 black Mustangs. One since it was new and one with worse paint than that. You have done excellent work. He doesn't know how bad he owes you.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
yeah. Yesterday I did the glass, wiper arms (they were chaulk white) exterior trim and the final pass with the white pad and fine machine polish. The glass was horrible the hard water stains so bad you could barely see out the side and front glass. Gold old Zaino clear view glass cleaner cut right through it. I love that stuff. I tried that mothers hard water glass cleaner.....garbage it works but you have to scrub it in 4 in sections at a time till your hands are bleeding. it would take you all day to do a windshield.

Just got the zaino to apply and do the interior and then I am done.


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
"Zaino, I put that $hit on everything" good advice.

I have been using a combo of Adams S&H remover followed by Zaino AIO to work down the swirls in the wife's ride and it has progressively been getting better. I've been a wuss applying pressure with the PC, but better safe than sorry.

You have done some amazing work there. It's really too bad the owners don't seem to have a clue on how to properly care for, treat, and maintain their vehicles... =/


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
Well finally done with the Mustang. Took nearly a week to do. Ended up sealing it up with Zaino AIO, Z5 x2 topped with Z2. Did the trim up with a combo of Turtle wax trim restorer and adams in and out spray.
Before pics



take note of how white the wiper arms are and the cowl panel. I fix that











after on the wipers and cowl












Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
5 DOT 0 said:
Nice work, you're hired! My Flex kit arrives next week so I'll be hitting you up for some tips. I'll practice on my wifes car first. ;)
Thanks it took so much longer than I thought it would. Now thats done now it just glows the camera cant capture it. With the flex you dont make fast passes. Make sure to visit the Adams Forum and look up the Junkman videos great how too's there. Thats how I figured it out. the first time I used the flex I was going way way to fast and wasnt getting any results (on my silver GT) I have gotten much better now :)


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
Thanks guys. He is going to have me do the corvette as a surprise for her aunt. Its white so it won't take nearly as long.

I will tell you the car was turning heads the entire way to his house. There was a guy in a moble detailing van beside me at a light and he couldnt stop staring lol

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