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" merica, baby!

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Lenoir City TN
I hung a downshift and it didn't sound right, then when I went up there was nothing there. Possibly clutch.. I'll figure it out later.
I feel for you. Hopefully you got in most of your sessions before it broke. My luck is usually bad. I break or get hit the first session of a 2 or 3 day event.
This is one of the most awesome tracks I've ever been at. These folks up here are very fortunate.
It's definitely a hidden gem! The Stouts are fantastic owners and really down to earth! They invested a crap load of cash it adding the south section, repaving , adding additional garages and take pride in maintaining everything in pristine condition. Both are great drivers and even join in on HPDE's. I'm glad you were able to experience! My last HPDE I put 264 of fun track miles in and corded a set of almost new scrubs. It's one of my favorite places to be even if just watching. Here's a nice article that was done in prep for the NASA championships that was there this past fall.

The Boss 302 reunion along with a 3 Day HPDE is there this Labor Day weekend.

Pittsburgh has the Vintage Grand Prix every July. Pitt Race is weekend before the road course races. They run all the vintage cars including the "ground pounders" which are too much for the road course. It's freaking awesome!!! Actually the PVGP is over a week of awesomeness!

It's a true a blessing with all the car goodness in this part of the world.
Monaca Pa
I want to thank Brett Mars for allowing me to track my car yesterday. He rented the track for the day for Luca’s high school graduation party. Luca was giving his friends rides in the GT4 Mustang . And Kohr racing with those bad ass GT4’s.
And it was good to see Rob again but felt bad that his car broke down. I know how it feels to drive a long distance and only run a few laps.IMG_5765.jpegIMG_5764.jpegIMG_5763.jpeg
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Going to put that track on the bucket list for sure !!
The only issue I see with this track is that there are like 3 blind corners, so until you spend a significant amount of time there, you'll get hammered by those with more experience
There are 18 corners, and more than once I found myself on the wrong side of the track as I crested the hill on corner entry.
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