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Spending my pension on car parts and track fees.
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10-20 Years
My first weekend on slicks was at VIR and temps were in the high 30’s. Not something I would suggest for anyone. That’s when I noticed VIR has no gravel pits. Unfortunately others also learned the same expensive lesson. I got by with a few embarrassing off’s and video I just can’t seem to find any more. Lol.
Warmed up this AM, it is only -8 this morning! All of you folks in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi , Louisiana , Southern Texas, Georgia, etc. post your Mustangs in warm environs so at least those of us in this Winter Ice Box can at least warm our hearts, ha!

I moved the Mach 1 to my son's garage a few weeks back , and it is nice since unlike mine , his is heated.

Dang Bill. It was about 65* here today, so I opened the doors and windows to warm the house a little before lighting the fire.
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Lenoir City TN
I waited this morning to walk the dog until it got up to 6 degrees. She didn't want to wait, but 4 was just too cold. I am glad a warming trend is in my future.
3 degrees at my castle this am...........yesterday it was above 50!!!!!!!!!!!...........just running out to get the paper in the driveway was a COLD PITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.........Santa will be wearing his long johns tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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