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Weight reduction

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OK, I know we have a 3600+ lb car so small weight savings take a while to add up. However, the relatively minor changes I've made (especially for track days) seem to have made an arguably significant dent.

Enkei PF01 wheels/Hoosier R6 295/315:
Front 60 street vs 45 - 15 lbs each x 2 = -30 lbs
Rear 58 street vs 49.2 - 9 lbs each x 2 = -18 lbs
Corsa Extreme axle backs (pair) 54 lbs stock vs 24 lbs = -30 lbs
Kooks Off-Road H-pipe 32 lbs stock vs 17 lbs = -15 lbs
Side pipe delete 5.5 lbs each = -11 lbs
Kooks LT headers vs stock manifolds = + 3lbs
Roll bar, mounts & harness bar +69 lbs.
Rear seat delete kit +12 lbs.
Remove rear seats and belts and factory mounts -54 lbs
Swap to the Tiger Hood -17 lbs
Remove washer bottle incl fluid -8 lbs
Remove flat repair kit -5 lbs
Sparco race seat 35lbs versus stock seat 46lbs = -11 lbs
302S tow hooks +2 lbs
FRPP air-to-oil cooler +8 lbs
1-pc DSS aluminum driveshaft vs stock -21 lbs
DS saftey loop +10 lbs
Trunk liner -7 lbs
Passenger seat -46 lbs (track only)
Watts link versus panhard bar +15 lbs
Rear axle weights -5 lbs
Battery relocation kit +25 lbs
Remove A/C condenser, compressor, lines and belt -21 lbs.

Total weight savings so far is 116 lbs with passenger seat and 162 without it.

With a curb weight of 3630, I'm at 3514 to 3468 with or without the passenger seat.
ArizonaGT said:
That's damn good for a non-adjustable setup.
Thanks that's what I thought too. Definitely happy with the results. I should also mention this was with the factory passenger seat removed. My main goal was to see what happened to the cross weights with it out to make sure it still made sense to pull it. It only moved the cross weight split 0.19% the wrong direction by pulling it, so out it goes for track days ;) It weighs about 50 lbs.
cloud9 said:
Nope. I'd consider moving the battery to the rear but not going to spend a ton to do it so not in any hurry.

I'm shocked to hear that with everything that you have invested already.
boss man said:
I'm shocked to hear that with everything that you have invested already.
LOL you have to draw the line somewhere at some point. There's really no end to what you can do and it all comes down to cost/benefit. Before you know it the 2015 will be out and it all starts over again ;D


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lbp said:
removing fuel tank evaporative system under spare tire well is worth 20lbs.
I am told that this will not create code errors if the vents are re-connected instead of running through the evap unit but have not tried it yet myself.
(good place to remove weight)
Would love the see some details on this mod.

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patrickshelby said:
Anyone taking the A/C off?
I know taking the condenser away improves the cooling A LOT.
What about the weight of the compressor...?

IMO, removal of the complete A/C system would save a significant amount of weight save for the evaporator, which I would leave in place and seal the hose connections. Plus removal of the A/C lines, Compressor, Rec/Dryer, etc., removes weight from the front of the vehicle which should help with improved weight distribution.

The A/C condenser removal will improve air flow for the cooling system, especially if you have stacked an external oil cooler core.

Good luck with your mods,
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The Evap delete is probably more like 8-10 lbs. I've done it on my car.

I did it the "dirty" way without reconnecting any of the lines etc so I do get some codes but they do not seem to have any effect on performance.
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I did not have my car built but I was told by Jonathan Blevins of Chicane23 that it weighed no more than 3400 pounds as is when I bought it. I removed the stock boss Recaro passenger seat and made some other adjustments to the interior over the winter, removing more than 55 pounds for sure. Now, CAT scale minus my weight and gas has the car at no more than 3335 pounds dry (could be a bit less), which seems very close to expectations based on both independent estimates. That includes a fairly heavy duty fire suppression unit, substantial roll cage, relocated contained battery, etc.
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weight loss is secondary to weight balance. lightening the battery by 18lbs up front doesn't effect the weight bias percentages by any measurable amount. by moving the weight to the rear (and adding a few pounds for the cables and box), i was able to shift 1% of the weight to the rear (on paper). i think it may have a greater impact though, so i am working on procuring a corner scale to verify. the reason i think it will have a greater impact is because the 32lb battery sits just behind the front axle, which means part of its weight is shared with the rear. i moved it to the back of the spare tire well, which moves that 32lbs to the rear axle only. another benefit is a lower CG from that weight sitting nearly 2ft closer to the ground.

The overall difference in vertical CG will be small, but shifting the weight balance 1% to the rear is a fk'n chunk. It's not appreciated nearly enough.

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