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1967 Mustang Profile

1967 Mustang
(CorteX Vintage Build: Project Hatemail)

CorteX Vintage Build: Project Hatemail

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
Gen 1 Model
GT Fastback
Mods - Handling
CorteX SLA
Mods - Power
Mods - Exterior
Mods - Interior
Custom race interior
Background & Plans
This particular chassis rolled off the assembly line back in 1967 as an S-Code fastback with, what was at the time, the first big block engine fitted into a Mustang. While not quite as desirable and well known as their 428 Cobra Jet brethren, the 390ci S-Code cars made almost as much horsepower and torque and are by and large the performance bargain of the era. With about twice the total production numbers as the 428CJ, the S-Code cars have steadily increased in value over the years yet still remain vastly more attainable than the K-code 289 and 428 CJ cars. The owner of this particular car bought it from the original owner back in 1968 and immediately took it to the race track. This car has raced in some capacity since 1968 all by the owner.

Hate Mail's formula & racing purpose have changed several times over the years and now it comes to us as a bare chassis. The goal? A max effort vintage resto-mod designed primarily to compete in a variety of national level autocrosses & road course events. The customer came to us with an extensive engineering background and a specific goal; to create a structural "spine" to increase torsional stiffness in the notoriously flexible vintage chassis. Trans Am race car meets the street; sounds like a match made in heaven to us.
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