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1967 Mustang Profile

1967 Mustang
(GT350 - 1967)

GT350 - 1967

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
Gen 1 Model
Mods - Handling
Have all orig susp. Now equipped for track duty Global West rear springs, 3.89 Tru-Trac posi, Cal-Tracs (for drag racing), Global West LCA with Struts, Competition cross member, Global West Monte Carlo Bar, Custom springs and lowered.
Mods - Power
Have orig 289. Running a 331 ci '70 Boss 302 block with Scat crank/rods, Roush Windsor heads, Cobra intake, BLP Holley Race Carb, custom/modified Hooker Super Comp, Moroso breather tank via Fragola fittings lines to Aviaid Race Pan. MSD distributor w MSD6-AL box. Cobra Automotive prepped.
Mods - Exterior
All stock '67 Shelby original body, doors, trunk, hood, all panels.
Mods - Interior
All stock, original rollbar, shoulder harness, belts, seats and skinny wooden wheel (means that I have to hang on to whatever I can in the turns!)
Background & Plans
Have owned it for more than many of you have been able to even sit upright in a car. I intend to just continue to track the car a few times a year and finish my other cars (Mustangs) that I'll compete with and satisfy numerous, sanctioned inspections and classes with respective to competitive road racing events (Vintage and Full Comp).
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