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2012 Mustang GT_50L Profile

2012 Mustang
GT_50L  (KazarS197 (Mark's))

KazarS197 (Mark's)

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
S197 Model
GT 5.0L
Mods - Handling
Everything with no date is what was on the car when I purchased in October of 2020. Anything listed with dates are additions or changes that I did or had done post purchase.

Ford Racing Springs P
Koni STR.T (Orange) non adjustable Shocks and Struts
Street - 2015 Mustang GT 20x9 Inch Wheels - OEM offset 42.5mm
Street - Nitto NT555 G2's
Fronts 265/35/ZR20 99W (27.32" diameter)
15mm Hubcentric spacers for Brembo clearance- smaller spacer so can run less camber on the street ( Feb 2021 )
Rears 275/35/ZR20 102W (27.56' diameter)
Track - Apex EC-7 19 x 11 and 305 mounting ( May 2021)
Square Setup -Bridgestone R71R 305 30 19 ( Feb 2021 )
25mm Hubcentric spacers ready for track wheels - front. ( Feb 2021 )
Apex Anthracite SM-10 18 x11 52 ET with Pirelli 305 680 18 slicks mounted for 2023 season. ( 04/2023 )
OEM 34mm Front Sway Bar
OEM 24mm Rear Sway Bar
SR Performance Rear Sway Bar Relocation Brackets
J&M Adjustable Panhard Bar
6 Pot Brembo Upgrade with 380mm rotors with Motul 600 fluid flush (Feb 2021)
Track only - G-Loc R12 pads - Front (Feb 2021)
Street only - Power Stop Z23 pads - Front (Feb 2021)
Stock Rear Calipers ( replaced May 2021 )
G-Loc R10 pads - Rear - will keep as dual use. (Feb 2021)
Russel Stainless Brake Lines with shorter Dorman banjo bolts part # 13940 (Feb 2021 )
Vorshlag Brake Cooling Deflectors (April 2021)
Vorshlag Camber Plates (March 2021)
Mods - Power
2018 Intake Manifold
Ford Performance 47lb Injectors - Tuned on E85 only 437 RWHP - original tune that came with the car
Dyno Retune with dedicated 92 (424 WHP ) and new E85 ( 431 WHP ) tune - on Mustang Dyno(May 2021)
JLT Cold Air Intake
JLT Oil Separators - Driver and Passenger Side
JLT Axle expansion tank ( 03/2022 )
Ford Performance Finned Axle Cover ( 03/2022 )
Pypes Long Tube Headers
Pypes Off-road X Pipe
Bassani Mufflers
Spec Stage 1 Clutch
SR Performance Flywheel
SR Performance Short Throw
3.73 Gears - BG fluid upgrade to 75W-140 ( 03/2022 )
MGW Shifter ( 04/2023 )
Mods - Exterior
Ceramic Coating Professionally Done - previous owner.
ZL1 Front Tow Hook (April 2021 )
Mods - Interior
Schroth Quick Fit Pro Harnesses ( Feb 2021 )
Background & Plans
Below is my original Background plans post in October 2020. As you can see in the above dates listing on the line items plans changed ( for the better ) as I learned more and progressed towards getting the car track ready.

"I have no track experience other than as a rider in a 2017 Grand Sport at Pitt Race for a few track days. I enjoyed it so much that I've was looking for a weekend / track car for a couple years. I was looking at everything but really wanted a Mustang. In October 2020 I found a deal on a 2012 GT Premium ( 83,000 miles) in Ohio that had a decent amount of mods with a price that was basically only for what the vehicle was worth stock and could not pass it up. I made a deal over the phone, drove 4 hrs to check it out, purchased and drove home the next day. I was told that it was never dragged or tracked.

Proper Alignment - not too aggressive for now. Maybe 2.0 camber , Max Castor and Zero Toe. I had it done last week but it's messed up and needs correcting. If anyone knows a reliable shop that can perform a proper alignment in the Pittsburgh area please PM me.Thanks.

Future plans for HPDE's:
Adjustable Camber Plates
Racing Wheels - Probably 18x10 maybe 19's
I'm not sure if I am going square or staggered on the track tires. All I do know is I definitely need much more contact in the back.
Brake upgrade probably Brembo's -Probably just 4 pots.
Vorshlag Cooling Deflectors
Harnesses "
Have a helmet that is spec through 2022
Alignment changes for the track
Potential detune to 93 octane with an available E85 tune for the track and fuel drain program. The availability of E85 can be scarce in some areas. The 2 bucks a gallon is awesome. The 10 mpg is not... On the track I know it would be next to nothing.
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