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S550 2019 Magnetic GT350 Version 2.0 Build Thread Profile - S550 Mustangs

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Good choices, Tony. My daughter and I still “Play Cars”. She is 25 now.

its the reason i went with the 350 and not the R. There was a mint low mile16 R 2miles from me for 50k, but no back seat.....shes really upset my grabber blue 17 is still in houston getting the twin turbo build..... everytime i get her from her moms, she asks “whens the blue one coming back.....i really miss it”

i’ll post more when my dang garage is done.....they started demo friday, because im making it 2 deep and moving it i need even more blessings from the city.....everyones gotta get their money lol.
i got my new bell Helmet since i didnt have an S rated one. i came out to this Last night after i took a shower.
me: what happened?
daughter: your helmet looked sad, so i made it happy.
Me: i actually like it....especially the “you got this” on the front.


If breakin' parts is cool, consider me Miles Davis
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Me: i actually like it....especially the “you got this” on the front.
If you don't rock that, I will. People pay good money for custom helmet designs, and the majority of them suck.

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The TEMPEST was created specifically for the standard GT350. After the release of the Track Brawler (which is more sized to an OEM R splitter but still larger) I wanted to go bigger. Just how big? Well, this is basically an AR EVOLUTION 3 with the wind fence pulled back to meet the standard GT350's fascia. You're looking at slightly more overall projection than even an FP350S front splitter. With the fence pulled back, the fangs of the projection are even more prominent. Tony opted for the V2 design which gives the leading edge a constant radius. This design also nets roughly 22 more sq/in of surface area over the V1 design (see the attached CAD file).

Some key features of this ARCHETYPE RACING TEMPEST V2 for Standard GT350 fitment are:
  • Proprietary Delignit Skid Blocks countersunk into the Carbon Composite Splitter (optional)
  • Delignit Skid Blocks are replaceable as needed
  • Integrated extension to accept the AR STRATO Splitter Extension
  • Tapered and slotted mounting points. This is key for alignment, due to the Standard GT350 3 piece OEM splitter
  • Full radius leading projection
  • Bull nose to aid in airflow and to assist with the splitter riding over curbs on the track
  • Stainless mounting hardware throughout
  • Billet Aluminum support rods and standoffs
  • Machined aluminum brackets and stainless mounting hardware for the Wind Fence
  • Composite Wheel Wickers are included
  • Free Shipping in the contiguous US
Getting there.
about a week until finished??

garage builders said middle of may, then i have insulators and drywallers coming, and im still debating on epoxying the floor or wait til next year. I damaged my splitter pulling out of my got hung up on something and ripped part of the underside off......the good part is the archetype splitter covers it so you wont see it. I may do it tomorrow....i was hoping to get the wheels back from aaa car care with the new tires on but they said Monday. Oh well.

i still havent heard about my first performance school being cancelled at autobahn in two weeks.....hopefully still going to happen.

garage is 110% finished, and my blue ones back by june 1st....i’ll be extremely happy.

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