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S550 2021 Mach 1 Track Build Build Thread Profile - S550 Mustangs

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This is the Build Thread for 2021 Mach 1 Track Build.

The goals of this build are to construct a car that will be competitive with my GT3RS, for significantly less money and as a vehicle for my son to learn to drive on the track. As Ford no longer makes the GT350R, I'd like to get this car pretty close to that spec.

Starting with safety, data logging, suspension and brakes before we move on to more power. We'd like to build a reliable track car to ensure we're spending the most time behind the wheel instead of under the hood. My GT3RS has been exceedingly reliable, so that sets the benchmark.

On with the build.
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Currently waiting to be installed:
- GT350R Suspension (shocks, springs)
- GT350R knuckles (front and rear), GT350R parking brake assemblies, halfshafts
- GT350R hubs, front and rear, with extended studs
- AP Racing Radi-cal 4-wheel brake system
- Cortex Racing Front and Rear spherical bearings
- Cortex Racing toe links
- Steeda rear camber arms
- Eibach Sway bars
Playing a bit of catchup - the car started out receiving a Watson Roll Cage and rear seat delete, RaceTech seats, Schroth harnesses, and a VBox HD2 data logging system. We took it to the track and about 10 minutes into my first session, I overheated the rear axle. It also blew a fuse for the exhaust controls due to a wiring harness rubbing on the rear of the car.

The car is currently at Ford getting both issues diagnosed under warranty. We'll see what they come back with.

In the meantime, I started building up the GT350R components this weekend in prep for its return.
- New Ford Performance rear GT350R knuckles
- New OPMustang GT350R hubs and wheels studs
- New Ford GT350R lower control arms (because I want to keep the OE arms stock)
- Cortex Racing spherical bearings in both front and rear control arms

Next install will be fitting up the AP Brake kit pre-install.

Mach1Hubs - 1.jpeg

Mach1Hubs - 2.jpeg

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