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Front Control Arms

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3-5 Years
Irvine, CA
My front control arm bushings are shot so I figure I might as well upgrade the control arms and get a new/stronger ball joint rather than just replace the bushings.
I'm struggling to decide which arms to go with, so does anyone have recommendations on brand/type for my stock suspension mostly track oriented Boss?
Options I'm seeing are Boss 302S, tubular (BMR), adjustable, and extended ball joint.
I don't think I need the extended ball joint since I'm stock height, but can I use one anyway?
Is there value in having adjustability for my stock Boss? Could that help my alignment (give me more negative camber?) or is it just for correcting lowered suspension geometry?
Is the weight savings of tubular design worth it? The Boss 302S arms claim they are stronger and won't bend like tubular designs. (

Sorry for all the questions, thanks in advance for the help!

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
As you suggested, the tall ball joints are to 'correct' geometry for lowered front suspensions. My opinion anyway.

Smaller rear bushings that lower the rear pivot point will increase anti-dive properties and limit/reduce unwanted deflection. That's all I'd recommend if you aren't lowering the front.


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3-5 Years
Brighton, Colorado
Just a note regarding the BMR A-Arms. Since the Mad Hatters first post about these, I've checked mine religiously. Now I may not be so hard on my car as he is but they show no cracks or issues. Still, I will continue to check on them. Not sure his issue was isolated or a trend but if it ain't broke, I ain't fixing it.

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