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How to program TPMS sensors without a TPMS programming tool

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I came across a post in a Focus forum on how to program TMPS sensors without using a TPMS programming tool. The one thing to add is if you are doing a new set and the old set is near the car it won't work. So you may need to drive to a parking lot or gas station if you are programming a second set. Use this procedure if you're installing winter wheels/tires that have sensors already installed, or even if you are just doing a tire rotation. Not sure if this has been posted before. I tried searching but didn't see it posted anywhere. No need to go and buy the TPMS programming tool!

1) Make sure your tires are inflated to the recommended psi. Mine is 40psi.

2) Turn ignition to the on position. If you have a push button start, push the start button without pressing the brake pedal.

3) Push the hazard light button 6 times. The horn should honk and you should see "Train left front tire" in the LCD display between the tach and speedo.

4) Release air pressure in the front left tire until you hear the horn honk. The LCD display should now read "Train right front tire".

5) Release air pressure in the right front tire until you hear the horn honk.

6) Repeat for the the right rear tire, and then the left rear tire.

7) You should now see "Training Complete" in the LCD display.

8) Fill your tires back up to the recommended pressure.



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How about this. I bought the TPMS and tool for my second set of wheels and never had to program it. I got the TPMS kit from Levittown Ford. I took my wheels down to Discount tires to have the MTs mounted and they claimed they were pre-programmed. I took the new shoes home and after putting the new shoes on, I tested the sensors and they worked just as they were advertised. Not sure how this worked but I was a bit miffed that I paid a bit extra for the syncing tool.


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I bought a set on ebay and keep getting low pressure light. This was because the originals are five feet from the car in the garage. I have driven it a few hundred miles it won't auto sync to the new ones. I am going to try this in a little bit once the rain clears. But it does go on the training mode but it keeps syncing with the old sensors and times out
I've tried the method described with my focus winter tire set up, tire place couldn't get them set up, even bought the oem tpms along with program tool. All wouldn't work, but a 30 mile drive and they learned by themselves.


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The 700+ mile road trip on Saturday will hopefully get them to sync up. I get low tire pressure fault not the normal fault I get when I run my drag tires
I figured I would have to do this when I bought my 302s wheels that came with the training tool but all I did was put them on the car , I never had a light come on and my extra set of sticky rears the same thing , not complaining , may be just luck? , Craig.

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