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NASA AZ @ Chuckwalla (Crossover event w/SoCal) - 17-18 Feb 2024

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Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
For anyone thinking of attending, this is always a GREAT event with a big turnout, especially in the Race and TT groups.
Car is still down and various other obligations prevent me from making it this time, however.


Phoenix, Az
I'd like to report that out of all the ST cars, the two mustangs were the only ones I didn't have to talk to at some point about some area of misconduct or compliance.

I can't tell you where they placed (and may not for some time while we sort out all the body contact), but it was a fun (albeit busy event). Always good to catch up with @Adam Ginsberg , next time I'll try to bring a car
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It was good to see you @ CVR Chris, and I appreciate your help over the VERY busy weekend.

For those interested, it was a very large turnout. 114 cars in the racing classes - 38 in Group A alone (SM and MSC) in which I was RD. Unsure how many for HPDE.

And.....our great-nephew took his first ever green flag races in SM after earning his comp license late last year. On Sat, he qual'd P8, finished P10. Sunday, he qual'd P6, finished P5. P3 for Sat TMC, and P2 for Sun TMC. The kid (he's 17) is HOOKED on racing now. His parents really don't have any idea what they're in for. :p

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