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S197 WYKD 5.0 Build Thread Profile - S197 Mustangs

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Nice car, my first Mustang was also an '11, but it was a luxo barge and not well suited for much other than daily driving.

Staggered setup is not the hot ticket for road course work. These cars are front heavy and they push and it is very hard to get the push out of them. Running wider rears than fronts will only make that push worse
Run the widest wheels/tires you can get under the front and don't exceed that size on the rear. Using a spacer on the front gives you a rotatable setup and that will pay dividends in evening out tire wear. Ideally, you want 11" rims and 305/30/19 tires all around, that's kind of a proven formula for road course use with Mustangs. But whatever you do, use a square setup, not staggered.

Coil overs/adjustable shocks are not something that the average person can easily get the most out of. Unless you're an engineer it's hard to beat Ford Racing's track suspension kits for the Mustang. They are engineered specifically for the car and they perform very well.

The less things to play the better when you're just starting out. The best bang for the buck is always the driver mod.

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