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2024 TMO Calendar Submission Instructions

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Newcastle, CA
A 2022 TMO calendar might not happen this yr, but if the response and planning start a little earlier and with more robust enthusiasm....a 2023 calendar might have a happier result...Fingers crossed............:hellyeah:
Better late than never... I threw it together pretty quickly, sorry to those whose photos weren't used. I tried to use all of them, but one or two got left out. Next time I'll add in the usernames.

Order here:
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Niiiiice. May i suggest to chamge the title to order here the calendar and put the link on post # 1 ?
I had to order 2 so I could just leave one on the cover all year!


Dances with Racecars
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Pleasanton: 1/2 way between Sonoma and Laguna Seca
Mine arrived today. What an awesome job. Well done Sir.
Wow, that's fast....and the price is right.
The ones I have made are twice the price and take weeks to have's the quality?

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