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Anyone running RTR Tech 5 or Tech 7 Wheels?

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I've got a 2017 Base GT, and am planning to upgrade to the OEM PP 15" Brembos once I find new wheels.

So does anyone have any experience with either the Tech 5 or Tech 7 version? I'm curious if they have good clearance for OEM PP brakes, are they hubcentric, and how much they weigh? I'm looking for a lower cost 19x9.5 or 10" flow formed wheel, but I can't seem to find much info out there beyond what's on the AM product pages:

I'm also looking at the APEX SM-10, but not sure I can wait until December, and the RTR's are on sale right now ;)
If they're made by RTR they should be fine. I bet the Apex are lighter and I know they clear the brakes. Give AM a call and ask them about clearing the brakes.
Received the RTR wheels, and they look pretty good. FWIW brake clearance looks great on my base 4pot brakes, and so hopefully they'll clear the 15" PP Brembos as well.

Weight is just under 23lbs:


~70mm center bore/hubcentric:


They even have a bit of anti-slip knurling for the tire bead:


I usually go with matte black wheels, but I'm digging the anthracite and can't wait to get some tires and get these mounted up. Here's a preview:


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