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Help - brake cooling plates don’t seem right

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The brake cooling plates I bought. Are 1/2 inch from the rotor surface. Yes I installed the 3/8 spacer that came with the kit. To me, the 1/2 inch gap seems wrong, and probably isn’t as effective as it could be if the gap was reduced. I can make new spacers that are longer. Is it normal what I have for a gap? If it isn’t what possibly could be wrong since this is a kit for a s197. I tried with both the stock rotors and the 6 piston upgrade parts I bought. Gap is the same for both sizes rotors.



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When I ran those things that was about what I saw for gap, so maybe that's normal. I kind of wondered how effective that was too.
I bailed out of that setup because of continual hose routing problems that crushed stuff. I went to oversized deflectors that are fed by the PP tunnels, along with aiming the remains of the hose at the deflectors.
It works as well as the hose did with zero problems.
I put diffusers into my splitter and was planning deflector plates also. Then I changed my mind to ducting.
maybe I will rethink that.

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nice design, there is a bunch of that stuff in my SN95 forum posts on the junkyard dog, maybe soem ideas that you can use, maybe not, I like the idea that you can just push yours in on thos emounting pegs, mine was 4 bolts, look like we think somewhat alike.

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