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Any Cooks Onboard?

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Hon heard me grumbling as I was getting ready for the eggplant frying marathon and volunteered to help out....THANK GOD for Hon!!!!....I skinned and cut the eggplant and Hon did the comes the last round of the eggplant parm saga..........layering it in the pyrex dish with the sauce and moz cheese.....that's the easiest part!!!!!.....beside putting it the oven, later, of course.....


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I have to try Frank's some time. I used to be aTobasco guy, but switched to Cholula several years ago - I found it less vinegary and a bit smoother. I mostly use the chipotle flavor, but I use the green chili flavor on eggs.


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I used to put the hottest stuff I could find on everything, especially a lot of really hot Thai junk. But I find now that I've entered my 7th decade the old guts don't so much appreciate that anymore. Frank's is about as far out there as I can deal with these days. Which is OK, I like the flavor of it and the heat is sufficient for me now.
On track to make a grilled cheese sandwich with week old wheat bread and NO tomato.......there's none in the is what it is never rang truer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anybody looking for a picture of this must be hungrier that I am......................................:banghead:

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